Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Mark Sisson on Kraft Heinz and Primal Kitchen

"I was adamant about maintaining product quality and integrity from the earliest of discussions with Kraft Heinz, and they were fully aligned with this from the beginning.... 
"If those ingredients change, you will stop buying. Business 101. 
"I know that. Kraft Heinz knows that.... 
"I think of all the people dousing the salad their doctor said they should start eating in soybean oil-based dressing and buying “olive oil mayo” that was mostly just seed oil, and it frustrates me. Imagine if they switched? Imagine if they all switched? Imagine if we were able to shift the collective omega-6:omega-3 ratio back toward ancestral optimums. Longtime readers know how big a change a person can make in his or her health just by changing the fats you eat. Now imagine a population doing it."
Amen. This is how it will happen.