Thursday, October 28, 2010

Follow-up To "Inov-8 F-Lite 195 Review (Short)"

Today I received this comment on the original post:

"The 195 is a performance based minimal trail shoe.  Having a snug fitting last means the wearer can contour without the shoe moving on the foot.  The heel to toe differential is actually 3mm but this forms part of inov-8's transitioning from conventional heel to barefoot story which isn't offered by any other brand.  The 3mm lift relates to a 1 arrow midsole (6mm for the 2 arrow, 9mm for the 3 arrow etc).  Zero arrow models including the Baregrip 200 will be available soon.  Also, there is no condition whereby inov-8 will only allow vibram stockists to stock the lower profile shoes."

Correction made; thanks, Graham. I gather from your comment that you're an Inov-8 employee.

What I'd like to see is a shoe from you guys that lives up to this statement:

"'Our philosophy is not to inhibit the natural function of the foot,' says Graham Jordison, head designer and development coordinator for Inov-8. 'Support is less of a requirement than most people think is needed only through a lack of muscular development or biomechanical function.'

The step-down model is a good one, but for folks who have already transitioned to a truly minimalist shoe, you don't currently offer anything.  The crux of my complaint about the new F-Lite is that it does inhibit the natural function of the foot. But as I hope I made clear in that review, I think you guys make some nice shoes, I really hope that you offer minimalists a great option.

As you can see from this post back in January, I'm a supporter of Inov-8, and part of my dissapointment with the F-Lite is that it didn't deliver what I was hoping to get.

I posted a link to this review at Barefoot Ted's Minimalist group, the conversation is here.

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