Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You Are What You Eat

Literally, in this case:

"Children in Burkina Faso likely got many of their healthy digestive bacteria from their mothers’ birth canals and skin, as well as from their environment, such as from the termites they sometimes eat.

'We’re not saying you should eat termites,' Cavalieri says. But, he says, people could get those healthy gut bacteria from new probiotic pills that could be developed in the future."

So you eat a termite and the termite's gut bacteria can find a home in your tummy, helping you eat.

Perhaps this is why gorillas, who eat a steady diet of fibrous plants, also eat lots of ants and termites.

I guess we should be eating termites, at least until those "new probiotic pills" are developed.

Thanks to Thodin for the link.

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