Monday, May 2, 2016

The "Biggest Losers" Seem To Be The Winners

"In fact, most of that season’s 16 contestants have regained much if not all the weight they lost so arduously. Some are even heavier now."

From the article: "Scientists tracked “Biggest Loser” contestants over time. The results, publishing today, may explain why weight loss is so hard."
Doesn't sound very promising.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Cardiologist Tries Ketosis


"What is it like in ketoland? Well, for one thing I only need 4 hours of sleep.  Asthma, which has plagued me all my life, is now nonexistent. Wrinkles have melted from my face, like wax from a burning candle. I have boundless energy. The best comparison I can come up with is the transformation Jeff Goldblum underwent in David Cronenberg’s (1986) The Fly. Come to think of it, he was probably also on a LCHF diet. Hopefully, I won’t experience his complete transformation."

I think if you're worry about carbs from cauliflower as he does you don't understand this way of eating well enough, and I for sure don't spoon-feed myself coconut oil.  I did at the very beginning, when I was both low-carb and low-fat for a couple of weeks, since I didn't really understand what I was doing, and had cut out linoleic acid as my primary fat but not replaced it with anything.  Boy, was that spoon-full heavenly at the time!

What was really interesting about that experiment was that my body didn't crave linoleic acid in any way.  It was only the healthier fats that I would fantasize about.

And I never noticed any reduction in sleep requirements, but then people are variable.

Friday, April 22, 2016

"Video: Music legend Nile Rodgers talks to Weston students about drug use"

Great story.

Link via The Weston Forum

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Fancy Juice Doesn’t Cleanse the Body of Toxins. “To say that drinking juice detoxifies the body isn’t quite the same as claiming leeches suck out poisons, but it’s fairly close.”

Hey, if you enjoy it, fine.  But be realistic.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Interesting Boston Race Results

Didn't watch the race, so I have no idea how the elites did, but I just came across this article with some notable finishers:
Amby Burfoot, 69, 4:17:48, 1968 Boston Marathon winner and Runner’s World writer at large. 
Scott Jurek, 42, 4:09:27, ultrarunner who set the Appalachian Trail thru-hike speed record last year
Daniel Lieberman, 51, 3:34:21, paleoanthropologist at Harvard University whose work helped inspire the barefoot running movement.
Yep, Dan Lieberman beat Scott Jurek, 9 years his junior, in a race.  And you thought he was just smart.

I don't know what he was wearing on his feet!

P.S. See the comments below, Jurek decided at the last minute to run—how does that work, anyway?  I thought Boston was hard to get into!—so it's probably not fair to point out the Lieberman beat him.

However, Arnulfo Quimare, who beat Jurek in the race that was the climax of Born to Run, also ran Boston this year.  Lieberman beat him, too.

Arnulfo Quimare, 33, 3:38:11, the Tarahumara runner who defeated Scott Jurek in the 2006 race that was featured in the book Born to Run