Monday, February 28, 2011

Barefoot Running vs. Minimalist-Shoe Running

New Study Says Barefoot Running is Different From Minimalist-Shoe Running. What Does This Mean? We Still Don't Know.

Sure we do.  We know that Amby Burfoot and Runner's World have been advocating running shoes for decades with, we now know, no scientific evidence whatsoever that sneakers are beneficial.

Now that people are figuring this out, Amby and Co. are hiding behind the skirts of Science telling us to wait for the studies, even though they never felt so constrained.

They want us to wait for the studies because, IMHO, they know that the studies will show that they jumped the gun.  They also know that these studies will likely take decades.  By the time that happens, they will have successfully repositioned themselves, as Amby is doing, to be on the right side of the debate.

Clearly barefoot, or so close to barefoot that the mechanics are the same (what I refer to as barefoot-style), is how humans evolved to run.  It's the only way in which we take advantage of the force absorbtion and return mechanisms in the foot and lower leg.  Shoes as they're currently designed adversely affect the way our feet function. 

Trying to be neutral between an unproved hypothesis and a plain fact is not being neutral, it's being biased.  Arguing anything else isn't "scientific", no matter how much that argument tries to cloth itself in Science.