Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dogs and Yellowjackets, Part II

Kipling, ready for action.
Kipling's my dog. He a strange creature, and we all marvel at his many odd habits.

The oddest by far is his penchant for eating yellowjackets.  Dead, alive, or merely injured, he savors them like they're the greatest delicacy on the planet.

In this post I first mentioned this strange habit of his:
"He was too busy eating the yellow jackets that were eating fallen peaches. Do all dogs like the taste of yellow jackets? And yes, they sting him as he's trying to eat them. He jerks his head back, sometimes two or even three times as he's trying to choke them down.

"Yellow jackets must be really, really tasty.

"He's been eating them for a few years now, and it's gotten to the point where if I see one on the ground, I'll call him over for a treat."
Well, this evening a yellowjacket decided to strafe us during dinner outside a few times. Finally I'd had enough, and picked up a handy phone to stun the critter. (Kipling seems to prefer them alive.) Then I called the dog over:

He doesn't even peep when that thing stings him in the tongue. Amazing.