Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hu Kitchen

Sounds cool:
"The food revolution is taking too long.

"The jury is in on the shortcomings of the Western diet and the benefits of pre-industrial food; reams have been written about the pressing need to change the way we eat. The moment is ripe. People are hungry to get started, yet no one is doing much about it. The space is still dominated by the same two players. On one side, there are the cynical profiteers of the food industry who have hijacked words like "healthy" and "natural" so they can stick them on the labels of their latest lab creations. On the other side, there are the rigid, alienating food fascists who insist that everything we eat should taste as unpleasant as possible. That doesn’t work for us. We have a different idea - unequivocally delicious food that also happens to be unprocessed and good for you. Is that even possible?

"You bet your ass it is. Hu Kitchen is the first ultra-high quality restaurant and market 100% committed to making this dream a reality. We’re a haven for all things human - not just a place to grab food but a destination, a trusted partner in the shared goal of reclaiming what it means to eat and live deliciously. At Hu, every mouthful has been vetted to meet the highest standards, crafted and honed from the synthesis of everything we’ve learned about the benefits of pre-industrial diets. But the results of our self-experimentation and research will be behind the scenes. We are going to give you something awesome to eat, and then we’re going to blow your mind when you look at the ingredients.

"And that’s where we stand. No compromise. No sacrifice.

"We make food for humans and, frankly, we think it’s about time someone did. It isn’t as glamorous as a pill or a fad diet. It probably won’t sell books. We’re OK with that. We’re not here to make a quick buck in the same tired food space. We’re not here to be just another shelf in the megastore of “healthy” food products. We’re here to start a revolution."
P.S. So I went there last night with the members of John Durant's Paleo Meetup Group. Jordan Brown, the owner, offered delicious complementary appetizers, and they had a bar w/ happy hour pricing.

Unfortunately for this post, I found the complementary appetizers delicious enough that I didn't eat anything else on the menu, although I did have a hard cider from the bar. (A brand of which I'd never heard and can't remember the name. You'll have to go there and try them yourself.) The appetizers as I recall were a chicken-liver pâté cooked in bacon grease and served on their vegetable-based bread (the restaurant is entirely gluten-free). Jordan he and his sister went through 100 iterations to get the bread recipe right. Time well spent. Did I mention they were delicious?

Jordan and his sister own the place, and he's entirely paleo, and very gung-ho paleo. The place looked terrific, and was very busy.

If you're in the neighborhood, they deliver. No, their delivery folks are not barefoot. ;)

I'm looking forward to going back and trying more of the food. If this is the future of healthy eating, we're in luck! (They're not attempting to be strictly paleo, by the way. They're pretty much all paleo, but you'll notice that a lot of the dishes are of a more vegan/vegetarian bent. They're trying to appeal to all people interested in eating in a more healthy way, which I think is a smart way to run their business.)