Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What To Eat If You Want To Win An Ultra-Marathon

This is what worked for Tim Olson at Western States in 2012. He's currently the course record-holder.
"...I don’t like labels and would not call myself low-carb, paleo, etc. I would say that I follow a diet with more protein & fat and less carbs than most people and that it has helped me recover faster, reduce inflammation and overall just feel healthier. My diet consist of mainly organic and local if possible grass-fed meats, vegetables, eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits, sweet potatoes and coconut oil...."
Call it what you want to... But if you were to stick a label on what he eats, it would be low-carb paleo.

I eat a lot more dairy than he does (mostly pastured), which are basically pre-processed vegetables. And I eat fewer vegetables. And I haven't won any races yet. LOL.

But note that he eats a lot less meat and a lot more vegetables than most people think of when they describe the "caveman diet".

But the real trick is that what you eat should leave you feeling great all the time. It's pretty addicting. Thanks to Sean, whose blog is here.