Monday, June 10, 2013

Paleo Soccer Player?

Sounds like it:
"I am often asked how I still stay fit enough to play at the top level in my 40s and it is pretty simple. I changed my diet, I work more in the gym than I used to, and I still do the same training routine that I always have done through my career.

"I don’t eat bread, I don’t eat pasta, I don’t really eat carbohydrates, I eat meat for three meals a day and lots of vegetables so I get my carbs through the veg.

"I snack out on a lot of pistachio nuts, they are very addictive and part of the fun with them is peeling them out of their shell – it slows you down as well.

"All that has helped me and as a result it is a great honour to be the only overseas player to have made 500 Premier League appearances and I have enjoyed every single one of those games."
Via Mark Sisson