Friday, August 9, 2013

Barefoot Michael Sandler Injured

Just heard about this now:

'Barefoot Running' author Michael Sandler finds meaning in 2nd life-altering injury since 2006

"...Sandler had taken a swim in a natural pool beneath a waterfall, and because it was cold, he had put on leather-soled moccasins.

"All at once, while crossing a creek, Sandler slipped, flew up in the air and went down hard. He landed on a pyramid-shaped rock, causing his right femur to "explode" on impact, in the identical spot his left had shattered seven years earlier...."

"...Hours later, incredulous doctors at a hospital in Lake Tahoe called it a "one-in-infinity chance" of breaking both femurs in such an uncommon way.

"Sandler somehow left the hospital "balanced," according to doctors, with his leg length discrepancy gone and sporting "identical titanium hardware in both legs."..."
I don't know if they've got a fund to help them with the medical and evacuation bills...

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