Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Low-Fat Diet In Rats Increases Risk of Breast Cancer In Offspring

You've got to love how it's phrased:

"Exposure to lard-based high-fat diet during fetal and lactation periods modifies breast cancer susceptibility in adulthood in rats."

"...Dams consumed a lard-based high-fat (HF) diet (60% fat-derived energy) or an AIN93G control diet (16% fat-derived energy) during gestation or gestation and lactation. Their 7-week-old female offspring were exposed to 7,12-dimethyl-benzo[a]anthracene to induce mammary tumors. Pregnant dams consuming an HF diet had higher circulating leptin levels than pregnant control dams. However, compared to the control offspring, significantly lower susceptibility to mammary cancer development was observed in the offspring of dams fed an HF diet during pregnancy (lower tumor incidence, multiplicity and weight), or pregnancy and lactation (lower tumor multiplicity only).... 
"...Our data confirm that the breast cancer risk of offspring can be programmed by maternal dietary intake. However, contrary to our expectation, exposure to high levels of lard during early life decreased later susceptibility to breast cancer."

I bet they thought this one was a lay-up.  Good for them for publishing the contrary results.

Ladies, eat your lard!  It's for the children!


  1. Lol, "but we were told that High fat causes every disease known to man - I guess we should just make sure the next study proves what we want."

  2. Thank goodness they used Lard and not some crappy seed oil.