Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It Can Be Dramatic...

From BFT's group today:

You influential bastards! I was very happy on my 75% wheat-based carb diet (well, I was happy about 75% of the time). After a combination of lurking through all the paleo discussions here, reading the links Tuck et. al. have posted, and a recommendation by my Crossfit trainer, i decided to give up wheat and refined sugar-based foods. I really didn't notice a difference... until I ate some cake a week ago. The behavioral change was striking. Within 30 minutes, I felt depressed and extraordinarily irritable. Being the skeptic I am, I wrote it off as a fluke. Then I ate some chocolate chip-laden trail mix without realizing it contained the chocolate. Same deal... depression and irritability within about 30 minutes.

Those two data points have convinced me to experiment further. I'll be spending the next few months systematically testing a variety of foods. The real question... how will my new diet affect distance running?
UPDATE: Jason posted more about it here.