Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My New Feet

I'm not one of these people who have memories of running around barefoot as a kid. My parents never let me.

So this whole barefooting thing is about as unlikely a scenario for me as for anyone on the planet.

I also always thought feet were pretty unsightly things, best to be hidden away.

So you can imagine what a shock the last six months have been to me.

I've discovered what my feet are for. And it's pretty cool. Six months later and I still feel like I've gotten a new toy.

My feet have developed. They're wider, stronger, they've developed massive vascularity now. My wife pointed this out to me one evening (now that I'm in the habit of walking around barefoot). "My God", she said, "look at your feet!"

Tonight in the gym I was able to jump backwards onto a bosu ball, something I was advised not to try. It wasn't a problem, because I've learned to trust my feet. In Vibrams, they're able to feel the ball and adjust to land gently. My trainer commented on how folks in sneakers couldn't do that, their feet had no feedback. Fortunately, he grew up in Ghama, in Africa, where barefooting is unremarkable.

He's a huge supporter of this experiment.

So forty plus years into my life, I've discovered my feet. They're great things. I can't wait for the spring so I can kick off the Vibrams and really start barefooting.

Note: I posted this on January 20 in BFT's group.  Replies at the link.