Friday, April 8, 2011

Barefoot Runner has Problems, Buys Shoes

No joke, that's the gist of this article:

"...'I just went into it like a silly college student,' Camp said. “All passion and no brains.'...

"...The only problem was all those little dangers that litter even the smoothest asphalt. Shoes laugh at small rocks, cracks and even thorns.

"'But my feet were just getting torn up,' he said.
What was and shall be again

"He would develop calluses, but eventually those would come off, and he would have to take some time off to let the raw skin heal, and then he would essentially start over again. It was a cycle that eventually wore him down, and he gave up on it.

"'I don’t think I did it right,' Camp said.

"Camp didn’t give up running. He just bought a pair of shoes a couple of weeks ago. He still runs on his toes, striking the ground as if he were a barefoot runner.

He wants to do more research. Actually, some research this time, he said with a laugh.

"'Then I want to give it another go,' he said."

Good for him.  Must have been a slow news day.