Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gluten-free (Wheat-free) Foods...

Saltines.  Not wheat-free.
...Are becoming more and more popular. Our local pizza place now offers wheat-free pizzas, which is a great option for the girls. (It's nice to be able to order a pizza when we have kids over.)

A colleague of mine told me about some soups that were labeled wheat-free when he was ordering lunch yesterday, so I ordered one. It's pretty tasty, and hopefully I'll have no ill effects from it. I'm a little skeptical, as it arrived with two packs of Saltines on top.

At least they're trying. :)

(When I was a kid I would eat saltines by the sleeve, btw.)

P.S.  Well, the Saltines should have indicated that something was wrong.  As I was eating the soup (tomato, btw), I wondered what they used as a thickener to get the nice consistency.  Then I noticed I was getting a massive head rush, the first sign that I'm eating wheat.  Damn it.  Not much of a subsequent reaction, just mild cramping.

The downside of the growing popularity of gluten-free is the fact that restaurants, while trying to be helpful, don't really understand what it means.  But they're learning.