Friday, May 13, 2011

"Does Form Matter?"

Harry Hollines
At Runner's World.

The fellow in the green is Harry Hollines, a friend I met at Barefoot Ted's Minimalist Running group.

The article discusses one of our favorites topics of discussion in the group, where most of us agree that it indeed does, and that the best way to learn "good form" is to take off your shoes and listen to your best coach, your feet.

Another friend in the article above is Pete Larson, the Runblogger, who attempts to answer the question in this post.

Unlike Pete, I don't have any doubt in the matter.  Your best form is achieved in your bare feet, and a shoe that allows you to run in a similar fashion is a good shoe.  This precludes any shoe that has a 12mm heel, or, I believe, any heel.