Monday, December 5, 2011

New Balance Minimus Zero Trail and Road Reviews

Nice review, Jason.
Minimus Trail Zero
The weights on the Trail vs. Road were ~4oz vs. ~6oz, I recall.

Seems to me like the Trail is a pretty ideal cold-weather road shoe... I'm looking forward to Jason's review of the Road to explain to me why I'm wrong.

I'd also be interested in trying it on the super-technical trails here in CT once I get a pair. I've been using my Speeds, but I wouldn't mind something that's lighter but has a bit better traction than those. ;)

The lime green is an awesome color.

P.P.S. Jason's review of the Road is up:
"...This may be the single biggest improvement I’ve ever seen in one generation of shoes. I get the feeling the design team realized they produced a turd, then redesigned the new Road based on the MT10. The sole has changed dramatically. The upper is even more radical. The shoe is lighter and more flexible. It’s zero-dropped (heel height is the same as the forefoot height.) It went from being the red-headed step-child of the minimalist shoe world to being a legitimate contender for one of the best minimalist road running shoes ever...."
Everything you wanted to know?
Justin at Birthday shoes and two colleagues also review the Minimus Zero line-up.  In typical Justin style, it's completely over-the-top comprehensive.

Troublingly, two of the reviewers note a "crinkling" of the fabric over the toe of the Trail model, which turned into a pretty fatal flaw in the VivoBarefoot Evo shoe.  Hopefully this is just a break-in issue, as the lightness of the Trail due to the laser-cut and welded upper makes it worth a little bit of hopefully blood-free break-in.

I'll be in line for a pair of the lime-green Trails when they're released.  The Road model will likely become my daughters' new school sneakers.

P.S. Here's Christian's take, and Angie Bee's.