Monday, March 12, 2012

Barefoot Running Debate Of The Century

Wish I could be there...

If only to make Dr. Payne squirm in person.

Panel Members:

Dr Craig Richards (doctor, running shoe industry critic, barefoot running advocate)

Craig Payne (podiatrist, barefoot running industry critic)

Blaise Dubois (physiotherapist, international speaker, minimalist running shoe advocate)

The fourth chair is reserved for Simon Bartold (Podiatrist, ASICS's Global Research Co-ordinator, former barefoot advocate turned maximalist) should he choose to emerge from his self-imposed exile from public debate to join us on the night.

Dr Daniel Green (Sports Scientist, Editor R4YL magazine) hopes to join us as our moderator for the evening and Dave Robertson (Physiotherapist, The Naked Runners) will be prowling the crowd with a microphone so you can join in the debate.

This isn't just an opportunity for the panel members to challenge each others positions, this is your opportunity to put your point of view and ask our panel members the hard questions! The panel will also be answering questions posed by guest experts from around the world including podiatrist and biomechanist Associate Professor Kevin Kirby and evolutionary biologist Dr Peter Larson of fame.