Friday, March 15, 2013

What Google Reader Could Learn...

What Google Reader Could Learn From The Veronica Mars Kickstarter:
"...Over in Mountain View, Google executives have a product on their hands that is not only widely used and beloved, but monopolistic. There are third-party apps for feed-reading, but Google Reader remains both the dominant client and nearly the only back-end syncing service underpinning the entire RSS experience (a position the company actively pursued). Since Google put Reader on the clock, the Internet has exploded in anger and despair, with a grassroots force even larger than the one capitalized on by the Veronica Mars movie. Not that we should be surprised. The service has at least 24 million users, by one measure, a number that dwarfs most television fan bases."
This is a case study in corporate stupidity. And pretty scary news for finding an alternative. None of the "competing" sites are more than a start up or a hobby... Not one is going to be able to handle this kind of volume.