Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"Alcoholic Liver Disease: Update on the Role of Dietary Fat"

Avoid Linoleic Acid as best you can, if you drink alcohol or eat carbohydrates:
"In conclusion, there is convincing experimental evidence demonstrating the differential effects of different types of dietary lipids in the pathogenesis of ALD. While the protective effects of dietary SF and deleterious effects of dietary USF (primarily rich in LA, an ω-6 PUFA) on ethanol-induced intestinal and liver injury have been well documented in animal models (Figure 4), the effects of dietary ω-3 PUFAs as well as the significance of the dietary PUFA ω-3/ω-6 ratio in ALD development and progression are not completely understood. The role and the significance of oxidized lipids, both dietary and in vivo-produced, as well as possible mechanisms underlying their beneficial or deleterious effects in liver pathology remain to be determined. Different types of dietary fat may differentially modulate the gut-liver axis, including EtOH [ethanol]-induced changes in the gut microbiota. This important aspect needs to be considered when evaluating the effects of EtOH consumption on the gut microbiota composition and function. Given that there is no FDA-approved therapy for any stage of ALD, dietary fat may play an important role in the management of ALD."
Fish oil and too much alcohol appears even worse, btw, so don't over-consume fish oil and booze!

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