Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"Monkeys Banned From Eating Bananas at Devon Zoo"

"Zookeepers say the stereotypical food actually makes monkeys more aggressive, rots their teeth and can lead to diabetes
"...the fruit grown and exported for human consumption have far higher levels of sugar than the ones monkeys would eat in the wild – to the point that it’s bad for their teeth and can lead to diabetes. 
"Despite the obvious clich√©, the animals are now only allowed to have bananas as a special treat or when they need medication. Nutritionists likened it to giving children cake and chocolate, but added that unlike children the deprived monkeys “can’t complain” 
"Experts at Paignton Zoo, Devon, said the sugar-free diet was working wonders for the animals – even making them calmer and more sociable. 
"Senior head keeper of mammals Matthew Webb said: “We have noticed an improvement in the condition of primate coats - in particular the colour and thickness of the fur of the Sulawesi crested black macaques...."

The Paleo Diet for monkeys.  Hardly surprising that this works.  They're primates like we are, but less-adapted to a high-glucose diet.

So much for the "30 Bananas a Day" crowd.  Rug yanked.

via Peter @ Hyperlipid, a reliable source of valuable information.

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