Friday, November 12, 2010

Paleo Dog Treats

Yes, it's nasty.  And he's never been happier. 

Kipling is a Norwegian Elkhound.  (In Europe, a moose is an elk.  What we Americans call an elk ought to be called "red deer".  Moose-hound would be the accurate translation to American of the original elghund.)

The first time Kipling saw a moose, he went bananas.  He was a puppy, and he was in a car, so going bananas was not really the ideal reaction. ;)

The first time he saw a moose antler, he immediately went up and started chewing on it.  Given that the dog had never seen a moose or an antler up to that point, this was rather suprising. 

Clearly there's some sort of genetic memory in an animal like this.

That's a white-tailed deer skull that I found while mountain biking, btw.  The carcass had been torn apart by coyotes.

Like his master, Kippy had a problem with the runs while on a high-grain diet.  He's now a paleo dog, and his digestive problems are a thing of the past.