Thursday, July 14, 2011

Follow-Up to "Sawdust and Ice Cream"

"...Perhaps most important to food processors is that cellulose is cheaper, he added, because “the fiber and water combination is less expensive than most other ingredients in the [food] product.”

"Indeed, food producers save as much as 30% in ingredient costs by opting for cellulose as a filler or binder in processed foods, according to a source close to the processed food industry who spoke with TheStreet on the condition of anonymity.

"Inman said that in his 30 years in the food science business, he’s seen 'an amazing leap in terms of the applications of cellulose fiber and what you can do with it.' He said powdered cellulose has a bad reputation but that more of his customers are converting from things like oat or sugar cane fibers to cellulose because it is 'snow white in color, bland and easy to work with.'

"Most surprising, said Inman, is that he’s been able to remove as much as 50% of the fat from some cookies, biscuits, cakes and brownies by replacing it with powdered cellulose – but still end up with a very similar product in terms of taste and appearance.

"'We’re only limited by our own imagination,' Inman told TheStreet. 'I would never have dreamed I could successfully put 18% fiber in a loaf of bread two years ago.'..."

The story includes a list of products you can run out and buy.

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