Thursday, July 7, 2011

Zola Budd Pieterse Finishes Second At World Masters Championships

Kind of an obnoxious story; she wasn't the "villian" of the '84 Olympics, Decker tried to trip Budd, and failed, tripping herself.

But congrats to Peiterse.  Not bad considering:

"By the third mile of the 4.97-mile race, however, the chase pack had whittled to one runner. Budd Pieterse (she married Mike Pieterse in 1989), while not struggling, was feeling the effects of the fast pace in what she said was her first cross country race in more than a year.

"She finished second, her time of 29 minutes, 19 seconds trailing Spain's Soledad Castro Solino by 28 seconds"

Wearing Newtons, I think, not barefoot.  That would have been awesome. ;)