Monday, September 5, 2011

Running Updates

How to Bonk in Three Miles or Less:

Eat dinner with potatoes, wine, and ice cream for dessert. (Also had some wheat by mistake, and pork and sauerkraut.)  Excess starch (potatoes) and sugar (ice cream) and wheat are foods I normally avoid.  Meat and veggies are my normal fare, combined with a good amount of dairy fat (cream).

Go for a HR run for 3 miles.

Bonk at 2.5 miles. (Full-on, shakes and everything.)

Drop 3 min/mile from your pace. Struggle to finish the run.

Yes, I've run before after having wine, and had no ill effects. I don't think that was the variable that killed the run.

HR was much higher than normal, I had to walk every hill, and just shuffled along while "running". Much different from yesterday's run, we'll see about today's.

Going back to a higher-carb diet was not a happy experiment, at least for that one run.

(I don't know why Stephan has the idea that hypoglycemia is rare.  Bonking is hypoglycemia.  It's not rare for me, as this episode demonstrates.  I ignored the carb craving, btw, and let my liver sort out the body's need for glucose.)

Foot Update:

The "bad" foot is still plaguing me. Since my previous regimen of run and rest to allow healing/adaptation doesn't seem to be showing as much improvement as I'd like, I've changed course and adopted Harry's run every day and damn the torpedoes attitude.

Two runs ago the foot started "clicking" in the metatarsal-cuboid joint while walking after maxing out my HR on a downhill stretch in my bare feet. This joint has been where the most soreness occurs morning after. The clicking was like popping a knuckle: loud, but no pain. This morning, after last night's disastrous run, I got up and had the usual post-run soreness in that foot.  Took a step and "POP", the same click, but alarmingly loud.  The foot immediately felt better, and the soreness went away.

I'm not quite sure what's going on in that foot...

I'll go for another run later today, after doing some house work (cleaning a mouse infestation out of my shed: Joy).

P.S. Discussion here, and I posted the following:

"Finished the shed clean-up (mostly, need to de-mouse a few boxes of motorcycle parts, but that will have to wait for next weekend).

"Went out for a run after I finished.

"Now, to track the changing variables (ceterus parabus exists only in economists' wet dreams):

"Barefoot, instead of KSOs. (For the first time ever, I was really annoyed by having the KSOs on my feet last night.)

"Daylight instead of head lamp.

"Temp and humidity were similar.

"Ran the exact same route.

"Ran after a four-hour fast while doing anaerobic work on my shed (lifting junk), as opposed to dinner with starch and ice cream. Last meal was two eggs, several pieces of bacon, and two mouthfuls of gluten-free pancakes (for the kids).

"Dropped 1:18/mile, no bonk.

"Given I'd been working from 8am to 4:30 pm, and I was pretty pooped, it was a decent showing.

"Oh, to equalize the alcohol variable, I had a Woodchuck cider before heading out. ;)

"So clearly it was the headlamp and the KSOs. :)"

And the foot soreness came and went during the afternoon. Not sure what's going on there...