Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Catkins, Paleo Cats, and Gluten-intolerant Cats

Jimmy Moore did a pretty remarkable podcast the other day.  Dr. Travis Einertson (starting at 41:10 in the podcast) treats diabetic cats and dogs (which is a scary thought).

How does he treat them?  In a manner very consistent with the dietary theme of this blog, not surprisingly.

He takes cats off processed, high-carb, high-grain "kibble" and puts them on a high-protein, moderate fat, low-carb diet.

Spontaneously, their diabetes goes into remission, and they lose weight (only if they go completely off the kibble!).

That's odd, the same thing happens when primates, or humans stop eating a the Modern American Diet and eat a species-specific diet.  The  diseases of civilization suddenly disappear (those that are reversible, of course).

Dr. Einertson also notes that cats seem to be gluten-intolerant, and various intestinal maladies also spontaneously go into remission when the cats go on a low-carb, and therefore low-gluten, diet.

There's something singularly toxic about the Modern American Diet, and you and your pets are best advised to stay far, far away from it.

P.S. I'd love to hear the story of the bright fellow who decided that it was a good idea to feed cats grain and carbs, when they're obligate carnivores.

P.P.S. A note on the "gluten intolerant" phrase: Gluten-intolerant makes some sense if you have an expectation that the creature *should* be tolerating gluten. Humans are expected to tolerate it, and some do, to varying degrees.

A dog or a cat would NEVER eat wheat in the wild. Rodents might, but not a dog or cat. Dogs and cats are therefore not "gluten intolerant", they are suffering from "wheat poisoning", which makes sense, since wheat is a toxic plant.

Digest that. ;)