Friday, September 9, 2011

Vibram FiveFingers in the Olympics?

Amusing article:

"...Their argument goes something like this:

"Your average caveman roamed the plains wearing nothing but a sabre-tooth skin pullover and a protruding brow on a set of feet designed by evolution to chase down prey without developing shin splints or tendonitis...."

But getting that out of the way, this is really interesting news:

"Last month's City2Surf in Sydney - the world's largest fun run - saw a young runner come home in fourth place wearing a pair of FiveFingers shoes.

"Harry Summers, 21, has designs on cracking the London Olympics in the steeplechase and, if he does, the barefoot running debate could just hit overdrive.

"Summers was a cross-country runner who preferred the feel of his naked feet on the grass when competing. Three years ago he switched to FiveFingers shoes and hasn't looked back.
"'I just like barefoot running because I feel faster,' Summers says. 'They force you on to your forefoot and you just feel lighter, bouncier - just quicker really.'

"Summers admits he received a strange reaction from fellow competitors early on.

"'A lot of runners didn't know what they were and, yeah, I did get a couple of funny looks. But if I wear them at the Olympics it would be a massive boost - people will really start to notice.'

"Summers uses his FiveFingers for competition, switching to lightweight trainers for his midweek training...."

Vibram should sponsor this guy.  One real competitor doing well in Vibrams in the modern Olympics would change the sporting world...

"...Perhaps the best evidence of the growing trend - some dare to call it a fad - is that most major shoe companies are jumping on the bandwagon...."