Thursday, April 26, 2012

Multiple Sclerosis And The Paleo Diet

I just went looking for this video here on my blog, and was suprised to discover that it's not here; I never posted it. Whoops.

So, to rectify that, here it is:

The video is a talk by Dr. Terry Wahls. Dr. Wahls was suffering from progressive multiple sclerosis, which is an autoimmune condition of unknown cause and with no known cure. Dr. Wahls, after trying all the best medical care, wound up consigned to a wheelchair. Now she enjoys riding bicycles and horses. Yes, I gave this away in the title to this post, but do watch the video, it's one of the most remarkable things I've ever seen.

Here's Dr. Wahls' bio, and a published account of her case:
"Neuromuscular electrical stimulation [NMES] and dietary interventions to reduce oxidative stress in a secondary progressive multiple sclerosis patient leads to marked gains in function: a case report.

"Within 2 weeks of initiating dietary interventions, the patient reported singing for the first time in 6 months. The therapist noted an increased rate of improvements in her strength and endurance, including muscles groups not receiving electrotherapy. The number of minutes and number of muscle groups were increased gradually. Four months following initiation of NMES the patient routinely did 30 minutes of NMES while completing her home exercise program each day and another 4 to 5 hours of NMES at much lower intensity through out the day while working or at home. Five months following initiation of NMES the patient stopped using her scooter, and 9 months after initiation of NMES the patient was able to bicycle 8 miles, including hills. One year following initiation of NMES and nutritional interventions the patient routinely rode her bicycle five miles to work.

"The NARCOMS quality of life responses indicated gradual worsening of MS-related symptoms and disability scale prior to the intervention. Six weeks following initiation of NMES, improvement in overall symptoms and decreased fatigue were reported...."

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