Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cancer Research: Forty Years Down The Drain

"...Cancer experts seeking to solve the problem have found that a fifth to a third or more of cancer cell lines tested were mistakenly identified—with researchers unwittingly studying the wrong cancers, slowing progress toward new treatments and wasting precious time and money.

"In hundreds of documented cases that undermine a broad swath of research, cancer samples that were supposed to be one type of tumor have turned out to be another, through either careless laboratory handling, mislabeling or other mistakes....

"...Nearly 40 years later, Dr. Masters, in a study of scientific papers published between 2000 and 2004, found nearly a 1,000 citations of the same contaminated cancer lines revealed in Dr. Gartler's 1966 findings, which have since been replicated many times using more advanced techniques. 'They are either crooks or stupid,' said Dr. Masters...."
Why not both?

Read the whole thing. Science is broken. It's a shame.

Thanks to Seth.

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