Friday, June 8, 2012

Shoes for Dogs

I'm having one of my "I love the Internet" moments. Thanks to this post:
"30 years time and we'll be seeing the vibram five finger equivalent for dogs."
Doggie boots with Vibram sole
I pointed out the Vibram already makes doggie toys and doggie boots:
"Bad news, dude:

Could be next week..."
Which led me to this page: The Dog Boot Dance:
"So, you’ve determined your dog does needs boots. You head to the store (or order them online), open the box, call your dog over, and reluctantly they hand over a paw as you outfit them in their new boots. And then…the boot dance. You know, the paw shaking, high-stepping, boot dance.

"If this happens to you, don’t be alarmed. Remember this is probably the first time your dog has ever had something on their paws, and just like humans have a break-in period for their shoes, dogs will too! Here are a few tips to keep your dog from doing the moonwalk in their Ruff Wear boots (or at least keep the moonwalking to a minimum!).

1.Don’t laugh. This may be difficult, but laughing is likely to cause your dog further anxiety....
It wouldn't be complete without a video of the "dog boot dance":


There are times when dogs need shoes. If you walk your dog in an area where they use a lot of salt on the streets (like NYC), you should use booties, as the salt will cause the dog's foot-pads to crack. Dog-sled racers also use booties to protect the dogs' foot-pads from ice crystals. Some of the breeds that they use for dog-sled racing aren't 100% nordic breeds, and don't have the adaptation that a 100% nordic breed does.

So there are some cases where they're called for. And those look like pretty non-supportive, moccasin-style booties.

When people start talking about arch support for their dogs, then it will be time to leave the planet.

BTW, I'm a big fan of RuffWear's products. My dog has a couple of different RuffWear leashes, and his collar is another RuffWear product.

This leash is great for runners: you wear it like a belt, or hold it in your hand, or you can clip it to a tree.

They make good stuff, and I highly recommend them. But my dog doesn't have shoes.