Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Cure Metabolic Syndrome in Spanish

"A Pilot Study of the Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet: An Effective Therapy for the Metabolic Syndrome":

"After the diet all the subjects were free of metabolic syndrome according to the International Diabetes Federation definition, and 100% of them had normal triacylglycerols and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, in spite of the fact that 77.27% of them still had a body mass index of >30 kg/m2. We conclude that the SKMD could be an effective and safe way to cure patients suffering from metabolic syndrome. Future research should include a larger sample size, a longer-term use, and a comparison with other ketogenic diets."

What is a Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet, exactly?

"Ketogenic diets are an effective healthy way of losing weight since they promote a non-atherogenic lipid profile, lower blood pressure and decrease resistance to insulin with an improvement in blood levels of glucose and insulin. On the other hand, Mediterranean diet is well known to be one of the healthiest diets, being the basic ingredients of such diet the olive oil, red wine and vegetables. In Spain the fish is an important component of such diet. The objective of this study was to determine the dietary effects of a protein ketogenic diet rich in olive oil, salad, fish and red wine."

(Spanish accent in the original. :)

That works for me.  Paleo with a Spanish flavor, basically.  Thumbs up for the inclusion of red wine.  Olive oil's not "paleo" after all, so why not?

The important thing about this diet are, IMHO, low carb (by definition, it's ketogenic); so no sugar or wheat, and uses olive oil as the fat, so no industrial seed oils like canola or soy.  Any diet that avoids those ingredients should do the trick, so long as it's properly nutritious.

Via Dr. Eades on Twitter.