Friday, November 25, 2011

"Hadd’s Approach to Distance Training"

Fascinating (PDF):

"...Note that there can be two things “wrong” with your PR’s. One, as shown, there can be no evidence of a relationship (usually meaning your aerobic ability is wayyyyy poor). Or there can be a relationship, but it is too loose (instead of slowing up/adding 16 secs/mile to run double the distance, you slow up/add 20-24 secs/mile). In this second instance, your aerobic ability is less poor, but still needs work.

"To sum up; if you are well trained aerobically, you do not fall apart (as in the earlier examples) when the race gets longer. And here some of you may like to do a quick check and see how your own performances compare…"
Great.  I fall right in between "wayyyyy poor" and "less poor".  Yes, I just put a spread sheet together and compared my race paces.  How depressing.  Maybe I'll share it at some point.

Thanks, Luis, for ruining my evening. :)