Monday, October 11, 2010

Things You Shouldn't Put On Your Blog...

If you're a sponsored athlete:
"Wore some new kicks that put an instant spring in my step. Charged up the frontside of Green in a one-second PR of 31:28 (6:20, 12:10, 14:40, 18:20, 22:00, 28:55). Jogged over to the top of Bear then and enjoyed the new shoes' grippiness for a 17min descent of Fern."
Alright, darnit.  New MT101s or Minima wouldn't really be "new kicks", now would they?

UPDATE: To eliminate uncertainty that this post seems to have engendered: Krupicka has been wearing the New Balance 101 and Minimus for a while now.  I doubt that he'd refer to them as "new", just because he got a new pair.  It's got to be a new prototype, IMHO.  

I suggest he shouldn't be putting this on his blog because I hate being teased... ;)

P.S.S: He clarified in the comments to the above post:
"When I wrote "springy new kicks" I was simply referring to the fact that it was a fresh pair of shoes as opposed to a pair with a few hundred miles in them."
Never mind.  This is what's known as "jumping the gun", in running lingo. ;)  Thanks to Doug.