Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Barefoot Running and Math Test Scores

Teacher turns kids into runners:

"The results are noticeable — not just physically, but academically and socially.

"They love to run, don't need much equipment, and most of our students now are running barefoot or in socks or rubber slippers," said Bellosi, 35, a teacher at Keaau Elementary School....

"...He's gotten faster, he says, and has noticed his "calves are getting more muscles" and his feet are stronger....

"...Makana Cruz, 10, said running 70-plus miles this school year has helped him loose weight and gain endurance. Now, when playing basketball or football, he said, "I'm able to run faster than most of the others."

"Cruz said his math grades have gone up since last year, when they were average.

"He's not alone.

"Keaau's fifth-graders have the highest test scores in math and reading within the school. In a single year their reading test scores jumped to 71 percent proficiency from 55 percent, and math scores climbed to 68 percent proficiency from 58 percent...."

Kudos to that teacher.  Via Chris McDougall.