Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fat as a Superior Fuel Source

"In March and April, researchers at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center in California test biofuel made of chicken and beef tallow (waste fat) in the engine of a DC-8 airplane."
"Waste fat".  Morons.  Only chicken fat is waste fat.

"What they found was that the biofuel-powered engine produced much lower sulfate, organic aerosol, and hazardous emissions. It also produced 90 percent less black carbon emissions at idle and 60 percent less at a takeoff level of thrust."

Gee, but the medical establishment thinks sugar's a better fuel.  If beef tallow can fuel a jet, just imagine what it can do for your body.

Read the whole thing, as usual.  Tom Naughton's becoming my favorite diet-blogger, and while I just made two posts out of his one, he's got still more in the rest of his one post.