Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Born to Run" Movie News

It's moving along...

"'We’re going to try to make, you know, a kind of wild dirt magazine sort of version of 'Born to Run' that honors the true free spirit of what a lot of these people are like,' Sarsgaard says. 'I was drawn to it because I wanted to play Caballo Blanco and then I got drawn into directing it and now I don’t feel comfortable [doing both].'

"Aiming for a winter shoot, the indie 'Run' is looking at alternative offers for financing. Sarsgaard says, 'There’s a lot of different ways of financing this movie because it’s such a popular book and all those kind of companies like Terra Planet and shoe companies. There’s a lot of different people that even like running/training groups that has nothing to do with the book. So, we have a number of options which is nice. If the movie were just an original screenplay, not based on anything, it would be a lot tougher to make. It’s got sort of a built-in core audience which is a big advantage.'

"An avid runner himself, Sarsgaard is seeing the action in the story within the races which he views almost as traditional 'chase' scenes...."