Thursday, March 10, 2011

"The Western Diet and Lifestyle and Diseases of Civilization"

From Cordain and Lindeberg. I just posted this as a comment on Robb Wolf's Facebook page, which is where I learned about this:

"Looks interesting, but pretty scatter-shot. Just looking at one area where I've done a lot of reading, fiber & diverticulitis, they're throwing out a lot of unproven hypothesis, and some that have been disproven, or where counter examples can easily be found (Maasai and Eskimos eat no fiber, and don't get diverticulitis, for instance.) They also don't discuss that the food that moved in to replace vegetable fiber in Africa was wheat flour, which is a known intestinal carcinogen. In my case, I can reproduce my diverticulitis symptoms at will by eating some wheat. I avoided sugar, but ate lots of fiber, and still got diverticulitis."

It's pretty dense.  It will take some time to digest and have a better reaction than the above snippet...

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