Monday, August 31, 2020

Anecdotes About Fixing Your Diet: Adam Deedrie

Not bad.

Relevant quotes from those three links I added to my old posts:

"I don't suffer from asthma like I did...": "In this study, to our best knowledge, we report for the first time that 13-S-HODE, a linoleic acid metabolite, causes mitochondrial dysfunction and bronchial epithelial injury. Although much is known about leukotrienes in asthma12, much less attention has been given to other lipid metabolites.

"Dropping oils can make you eat fewer carbs...": "We have a candy bowl in the office. Once of the first things I noticed after dropping n-6 from my diet was that I was no longer craving starch and sugar. I haven't hit the candy bowl in 3+ weeks. Didn't feel a need to. My [ex-]wife also noticed after not eating n-6 that she was no longer craving starch (and this has been a big problem for her)..."

"I'm getting a six-pack...": "...what weight I had gained – 5.6 ounces or just under half a pound – was almost entirely fat and in my abdominal area, as the follow-up body scan showed..."