Saturday, March 27, 2021

Podcast Interview: The Dangers of Seed Oils Part II: Tucker Goodrich Returns with David Gornoski

David Gornoski interviewed me again:

"The Dangers of Seed Oils Part II: Tucker Goodrich Returns with David Gornoski"
"Nutritional researcher Tucker Goodrich returns for another conversation with David Gornoski. The two build on their previous conversation on the harmful effects of PUFAs, the kinds of animal fats our bodies can tolerate, the dangers of soybean oils, the reason for cancer rates going up, ancestral diet, and more. What is oxidation? What kinds of seafood can our bodies tolerate? What is the most effective way of losing weight? Listen to the full podcast to find out."

Or Youtube (where you can see what six hours of sun does to my face!):


Friday, March 5, 2021

Podcast Interview (A Twofer!): "The Dangers of Omega 6 Seed Oils" and "Soybean Oil Retardation"

David Gornoski interviewed me not once, but twice recently. A first for me, both of these made it to radio! His show appears on WHBO and WFLA in Florida.

The first interview was on February 27, 2021, and the topic was a familiar one:

"The Dangers of Omega 6 Seed Oils"

Introductory, clearly, but hopefully interesting even if you're familiar with the topic.

Or here, for video:

On March 3 David asked me back to discuss a recent paper:
"Dysregulation of Hypothalamic Gene Expression and the Oxytocinergic System by Soybean Oil Diets in Male Mice" (Deol et al, 2020)
Which was brought to my attention to back in December:
We didn't get into some interesting attributes of this study (like what role linoleic acid actually had) because I wanted to draw attention to some of the previous work this group had done (see citations), leading to my all-time favorite industry rag headline:
"Less Obesity", so they know it causes obesity.

That discussion is here:

The article that spurred the discussing was the EU Times lift of an RT International story (last two citations below), unfortunately I didn't have time to deflate some of the more hyperbolic claims from those two articles: I tried to just stick with the science, which does largely support the hyperbole.

I was introduced to David by Chris Knobbe, MD, so thanks for the introduction, Chris!

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