Monday, December 30, 2013

Merrell Vapor Glove vs. Vivobarefoot The One..

The One on left, VG on right.
Nice review: "Barefoot Inclined: Minimalist Showdown: Merrell Vapor Glove vs. Vivobarefoot The One..."

The One looks appealing when compared side-by-side.

There's this, from another review:

"I've had no problems with this design, but the laminate strips near the big toe do wrinkle up a bit during plantar flexion (when you roll up onto your toes). A friend of mine picked up a pair and had some painful rubbing issues there as the "wrinkle" pushed down painfully on her big toe. I've had other shoes that do this at the flexpoint, and I can feel where it happens here but have no issue with it."

But I've had the same thing happen in the VG when worn sockless, so I don't know if this is the dreaded rubbing issue that plagued the early VB shoes...

And when I mentioned niche barefoot-style shoe producers, I forgot to mention VivoBarefoot. I'm wearing a pair of their loafers today. Love 'em.

Thanks to John.

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  1. Do you know if the Merrells are any wider than the Vivos? After a couple of years of wearing Vivos, my feet widened! The Vivos rub the outside of my right pinkie-toe now. :-( I've just about worn out a pair of Altras, so it's time to think about replacements...