Thursday, June 28, 2018

What's Worse—Carbs or Seed Oils? Understanding a High-PUFA Diet.

tl;dr: The one study I'm aware of that shows conclusively that excess glucose acts as an accelerant for excess n-6, but it not nearly so harmful without the n-6, in vivo.

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  1. The degree of fatty acid unsaturation of mitochondrial membrane lipids has been found to be one of those biochemical parameters that are most strongly correlated with longevity, when different species of mammals and birds are compared, with a low degree of fatty unsaturation being correlated with less lipid peroxidation and a longer normal life-span.

  2. Thank you for your continued analysis of the science of this important subject. I have been a fence sitter on which is worse, but I am leaning to the PUF side now. Either way, I guess its best to avoid too much of either.

  3. Fantastic post! Also listened to you on Ivor's podcast. Fascinating stuff.

  4. Very interesting. Especially the speed at which these changes took place.

    Is there any evidence for how fast a human could recover from a PUFA-heavy diet, if they simply went cold-turkey low-PUFA one day?

    1. It depends. Some things seem to happen very quickly, others take much longer.

  5. I get a "404" error when I click on your link:


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