Monday, March 21, 2011

Barefoot Junior Woman's World Champion

Barefoot Ken Bob notes (on his incomprehensible web site) Faith Kipyegon Chepngetich, the new woman's junior cross-country world champion, who did the impossible and won barefoot:

"Chepngetich was one of the few athletes who ran bare foot. Brilliance Jepkorir and her school mate Naomi Chepngeno also had the trust of their bare foot to guide them through the 6 kilometre race.

"'I have always run without shoes. I got my first pair of running shoes last year. But they did not fit me and would slow me down because they were big. I tried to train in them but there was no difference,' she said.

"This year, she decided to run yet again without shoes. 'I run freely and fast without shoes. The spikes underneath make me uncomfortable and I lose balance,' she added.

"While training, Chepngetich would usually wear the jogging shoes. But her selection of running kit was crucial today, because when she was called to sprint, the ground and grass gave her the required grip and friction to win.

"'The pace was slower than I expected. But I held on and when it was time to sprint, I am good at it and was able to win,' she said."

See also the IAAF Race Report.

No doubt the sneaker manufacturers are already after this young lady.  Hopefully she'll take a page from this woman's playbook, and continue to run barefoot as much as her contract allows.