Monday, March 7, 2011

Gary Taubes on Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz: "How can you live your whole life with only these [pointing to a plate of vegetables] as your carbohydrates?  You're not giving yourself the options long-term...  How many people in an audience of two hundred-plus people and the millions of folks at home can actually live on a diet long-term like this?  There's no sugar in it!"

Gary Taubes: "And that's a good thing!"
And then they cut to the audience...

Dr. Oz's In-Studio Audience

[P.S. The video link no longer works.  This is why.]

Dr. Oz. The reason poor Oprah is still fat.

I ate the way that Dr. Oz advocates on this show, and I put on about a pound a year, and became pre-diabetic. I switched to Taubes' style of eating, lost all the weight, and am no longer pre-diabetic.

And I gained weight DESPITE the fact that I avoided sugar and white bread for 20+ years...  And the amount of exercise I did had NO IMPACT on the weight gain.  And I'm very active.

Taubes' thoughts on this circus are here.