Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Obligatory Ding-bat Podiatrist Quote

Over at Barefoot Ted's Minimalist Runner's Group, it's long been noted that any story that's positive about running has to feature the obligatory podiatrist quote.  This is usually (but not always) the obligatory dingbat podiatrist quote because the podiatrist's opinion usually defies science, logic, and common sense.

Here's the lastest, in the article "Barefoot runner Caity McCardell ready to put her soles on the line":

"But Dr. John Pagliano, a Long Beach-based podiatrist who specializes in sports injuries, is not a fan of running shoeless.

"'If you're 150 pounds, whether you come down on your heels or your forefoot, it's still 150 pounds,' he said. 'I think you really need the shock absorbers from the shoe and control of shoes while running.'"

Thanks to the author of the story, who quoted this fellow after Prof. Lieberman explained why it's not true.
Here's the rest of the "series".