Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"New Balance Launches 'Let's Make Excellent Happen' Global Brand Campaign"

In this post, I wrote:

"And now, the last piece of the plan: You want something a little more traditional? New Balance Minimus, with a Vibram sole, and Tony Krupicka's smiling face."

Well, here it is: "New Balance Launches 'Let's Make Excellent Happen' Global Brand Campaign":

"For the first time in its recent brand history, New Balance is closely aligning key products with its roster of world-class athletes to highlight their source of inspiration. The NB 890 is named "Barringer" (women's) and "Baddeley" (men's) after record holders Jenny Barringer Simpson (U.S.) and Andy Baddeley (U.K.). NB Minimus Trail is inspired by ultra champion, Anton Krupicka (U.S.)."
They're going to make an ultra-runner their front man in a global shoe campaign pushing a pretty minimalist shoe.  That's a big deal.
That old post is holding up pretty well, I think...