Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brooks Announces Their "Minimalist" Line

At least I think that's what they're doing... Tough to translate jargon into English:

"So on October 1, we will introduce the PureProject collection from Brooks. PureProject is a new line of footwear that promotes a natural ride and a truly unique running experience in a lightweight package. We utilize a new proactive approach to biomechanics called Ideal. Ideal technology is built into the very geometry of these shoes. It was created to promote a runner’s ideal alignment by attempting to shift force application points to align force vectors, and then load internal structures to enhance performance and decrease the risk for injuries. With this incredibly unique product line, the shoes work together with the body to put runners back in the driver’s seat. Let them be completely connected to their runs, hugging the turns, and dynamically tuned into every step."

See here for what may or may not be a picture of this shoe...

Thanks to Pete the Runblogger

P.S. Here's Pete's take.