Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Is Going Barefoot the Best Way To Prevent and Alleviate Knee Pain and Arthritis?"

Dr. Nirenberg, my favorite podiatrist, finds a whale of a study:

"...Modern footwear (subjects' own shoe, "stability" and "mobility" shoes, clogs) were likely to increase the [external knee adduction moment] EKAM compared to barefoot walking in individuals with medial knee [osteoarthritis] OA. Walking in innovative shoes ("variable stiffness") decreased the EKAM compared to control shoes. Similarly, shoes with higher heels, sneakers and dress shoes increased EKAM in healthy individuals compared to barefoot walking.


"Further development may be needed toward optimal footwear for patients with medial knee OA with the aim of obtaining similar knee moments to barefoot walking."
As Dr. Nirenberg observes:

"Do shoes contribute to knee pain, joint deterioration and arthritis? According to new research published by Drs. Andy Oliver Radzimski and Gisela Sole at the prestigious University of Otago, and Dr. Annegret Mundermann at the University of Constance, Germany, in most cases the answer appears to be a resounding yes."