Monday, August 15, 2011

"The Pasteurization Police"

If you wonder why our economy sucks and our food makes you fat, here's your answer.

"Kris Swanberg, a laid-off teacher, did something with her newfound free time and started to sell a product called Nice Cream, an artisanal product of her own creativity. Her apparent issues, among many, are that she uses fresh strawberries instead of high fructose corn syrup-loaded strawberry syrup, and she makes fresh ice cream as opposed to using the industrial, pre-made, processed “ice cream” mix that is made from artificial ingredients and chemicals. The ice cream is so good that even the local Whole Foods store sells the product, as well as the farmers markets"

Then the "regulators" showed up...

P.S. BTW, the reason I found that story so offensive is that they're telling the producer what ingredients she can use in her product, and they're not great ingredients. Thus is our food degraded...

The notion that it's legal to sell a strawberry, but illegal to sell a blended strawberry, is nuts. Either the raw strawberry is a hazardous product, or the blended one is not. You can't have it both ways.

So people like her are trying to improve our food supply, and the regulators who are supposedly responsible for ensuring the quality of the food supply are preventing it from being improved.

That's nuts, but par for the course for the regulatory state.