Saturday, August 13, 2011

"‘Toe Shoes’ Rule At Odds With Medical Officials"

Good for the Navy. They allowed sailors to use Vibrams against their doctors' advice, after finding out that the doctors' advice was not supported by the medical literature.
"The Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery has concerns about the bare-bones shoes and has warned against their use.

"“With musculoskeletal injuries as the No. 1 deployment limiting condition among military personnel, Navy leadership must take responsibility for the safety and well-being of our personnel during unit physical training. While intended for running, barefoot-style running mechanics have not been determined to be safe or effective for all runners,” BUMED spokeswoman Shoshona Pilip-Florea said.

"“Encouraging the appropriate footwear for an activity is the first line of defense against sports-related injuries. Therefore, given the current evidence, Navy Medicine cannot recommend the use of minimalist footwear in command directed physical training activities.”

"Recently, the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center and the Center for Personal and Professional Development reviewed medical literature on minimalist shoes and found insufficient evidence to prove or disprove that the shoes are effective or safe. The review also determined that the shoes strengthen arches, reduce pronation — where either the inner or outer edge of the foot strikes the ground first — and encourage softer landings."..."

So the current protocol has lead to musculoskeletal injuries being "the No. 1 deployment limiting condition among military personnel", so let's keep at it!  Good for the Navy to not buy into that nonsense. 

The medical establishment loves to double down on a losing bet, apparently.