Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Why Doctors Don't Like To Talk About Antioxidants"


"...This brand of muddle is standard operating procedure for clinicians; we are eternally trying to appear modern and open to the new, while remaining anchored in a reality-based mindset that demands facts and data. Many patients are put off by such caution and come to view us as fuddy-duddies, self-promoting sticks in the mud, flapping bags of hot air (not to mention greedy bastards who may be invested, literally, in maintenance of the status quo). Or else we are seen as being handcuffed and controlled by the rigid iron of Big Pharma...."

And spot on about antioxidants, from what I've read. 

If you're worried about oxidation, change your diet to make it less likely.  And enjoy your blueberries, regardless of how many antioxidants they contain. (I love blueberries.)